Update 1.5.7:
* Updated the newsarea for a better feeling
*Implemented features for Big update

Update 1.5.6:
*Security Update – set all to HTTPS standard
*Implemented features for Big update

Update 1.5.5:
• Added Private Mode
• Revised “Show Console” function
* Arrangement of buttons has been redesigned
* Revised installfunction again

Update 1.5.3:
• Added a Small UI feature
• Added option for Automatic Update (Handler and CraftBukkit)
• Revised installfunction
• Added Newsfunction
• Updated mcu.exe, upt.exe and repair.exe
• Removed Textbox with Guide (Now in install)
• Added HideIP function
* fixed Mousehover on buttons
//Please download this Version manually from the Website (Just click download above)

Update 1.4.1:
*Fixed a little bug
//Please delete bin folder after update if you are using Version 1.4.0 or lower

Update 1.4.0:
•Added updatefunction for CraftBukkit updates
*Fixed color of linklabels

Update 1.3.7:
•Added repairfunction
•Added remember me to login
•Added logout button
*Fixed style of rambuttons
//Please delete bin folder if you use Version 1.2.5 or lower!

Update 1.2.5:
• Added SecureMode
• More things now translated to german
* Design updated
* Bugfixes
* Fixed a problem with updater
//If you use v1.2.0 or lower please delete ur upt.exe, zoVk’s MinecraftHandler.exe and bin folder and download it again!

Update v1.2.0:
• Updated Design

Update v1.1.2:
• Ram configurable
• Updated updater
* Bugfixes
* Designfixes
// If you use v1.1.0 or lower please delete ur upt.exe and bin folder!

Update v1.1.0:
• Design revised
• A few functions would be tuned
• Font are bigger and better to read
• Right text in the box are now live
* Bugfixes
* Server starts with 1GB Ram instead of 512MB

Update v1.0.8:
• Added Updatefunction
* Bugfixes

Update v1.0.5:
• Added language for german
• PublicIP will be refreshed all 15 minutes
* Bugfixes
* English text would be fixed